The Optimate 5 battery charger is suitable for all 6V & 12V lead-acid batteries – sealed AGM, GEL & STD filler cap.
Range:- 7 – 120Ah (maintain up to 192Ah at 6V).
Automatic 6 or 12V selection for a healthy battery (according to battery voltage) with manual override for a dead flat 12V battery.
Saves low voltage sulphated batteries. Starts charging from 1V.
Constant current BULK & PULSE ABSORPTION charge modes.
Battery is ready to use. Leave connected for unsupervised months long maintenance charging. Optimate senses the battery condition, delivers charge when needed to keep battery at 100%.
Warns of battery problems eg. battery could not accept any charge or cannot retain sufficient voltage after charging.
SAFE:- Totally safe for vehicle electronics. No sparks at connection. Automatic shut down when battery is disconnected.