Gas Regulators, Adaptors & Hoses

We carry the following gas regulators:- Butane 29mbar Screw on (Calor 4.5kg bottle). Butane 29mbar Clip-on 21mm (Calor 7 & 15kg bottles). Camping Gaz 29mbar Screw on (Camping Gaz 901, 904 & 907 bottles). Propane 37mbar Screw on (Calor Propane 3.9, 6, 13kg bottles). Propane 37mbar Clip-on 27mm (Calor Patio Gas 5 & 13kg bottles)….

Tent & Awning Pegs

We have a variety of awning/tent pegs at The Caravan Shop. We stock both plastic & metal pegs in a variety of lengths. We also have pegs that you can screw in to the ground with a drill. Also stocked in the shop are a variety of awning spares, some poles, ladder bands, rubber bands,…

Caravan Rooflights

We carry in stock the MPK range of rooflights to fit the following roof apertures:- 280mm x 280mm 320mm x 360mm 400mm x 400mm All with White plastic domes. We also have the replacement dome & handles in stock for the MPK rooflights & the replacement flyscreens too.

Caravan Hitch Covers

We carry a variety of hitch covers in stock for the A-frame on caravans. We have them in a choice of colours:- Grey, Blue, Burgundy & Green. We also stock storage bags for:- 25mtr hook up lead, Aquaroll Wastemaster Awning poles Awning canvas Awning/tent pegs Awning floor tiles